About Shambala Yoga Retreats

Shambala Yoga Retreats were created to offer a different type of holiday for your body, soul and mind. The aim is for you to learn to extend this state into your daily life, thus helping you to reconnect to your deepest self in order to live the kind of life that you won’t need a holiday from! These retreats aim to create a space for you to unwind from the pressures of everyday life, by teaching you how to anchor more and more deeply into the present moment. When we live fully in the present moment, the dullness of daily life dissapears as if by magic and enables us to fully participate in our lives, in everything we do. This is the fundamental intention of yoga. When we learn to practice being present and mindful in our lives through relaxation and awareness, we find the keys to health, happiness, fulfillment in relationships, as well as a deep sense of meaning in everything that we do.

Shambala Yoga Retreats are located in beautiful nature settings that inspire our mind to calm down, our hearts to open and our bodies to relax. The unique concept of Shambala Yoga Retreats is that the retreats do not just aim to offer you momentary relaxation, but endevours to provide you with useful tools that you can easily integrate into your daily life, in order to fill your life with more presence and deeper fulfillment on all levels. These retreats are always guided by highly competent and internationally certified yoga teachers with many years of experience in the field.